Rider info

This page has links to everything riders and their crews need to attend TQ18. As the ride date approaches further information will be posted as it becomes available.

  1. Biosecurity
  2. Pre-nomination form
  3. Campsite application form
  4. Course / track maps
  5. Feed
  6. Agistment for non Tassie horses


The biosecurity arrangments below will apply for TQ18

In summary:

  1. If travelling from a non-Hendra risk area you are required to complete a 10 day Temp Log and Horse Health Declaration.
  2. If travelling from a Hendra risk area and your horse is HEV vaccinated you need to supply a current vaccination certificate and complete the 10 day Temp Log and Horse Health declaration.
  3. If travelling from a Hendra high risk area and your horse is not HEV vaccinated your horse needs to be out of the Hendra high risk area for a minimum of 28 days. In addition you are required tocontact Dr Pat Hodgetts (pat.hodgetts @gmail.com) before 1 September 2018 and complete:

Prenomination form

Click here to download the prenomination form.

Campsite application form

Click here to download the campsite allocation form.

Course / track maps

The course maps are on an external website - click here to access.

Getting feed in Tasmania - mainland competitors/crews

For all your horse feed requirements prior to arriving at the ride base at Santarena Park, Scottsdale, you will be able to pre-order what you need through one of our TQ18 Committee members, Pat Lamprey.

Pat lives a short distance from the ferry terminal and can have horse feed ready for pick up with purchases through Roberts Ltd. Pat will take your orders and discuss payment options. Give Pat a call on 0400125267 or email her at Lampreys46@bigpond.com

Agistment for non Tassie horses

Are you looking for a stopover point to rest your horse/s on the way to the TQ18?

We have decided to show some initiative and have put a request out through social media and local papers asking all farmers and small property owners with suitable paddocks available, to register their interest with a Tasmanian contact, Sonia Hodgetts. Sonia will pass on names and contact details of property owners to mainland riders on request so you can contact the property owners directly to discuss requirements and negotiate terms of agistment for your horse. Please note the negotiations are your responsibility and we would encourage you to ensure the paddock/s offered are safe and meet your requirements (perhaps a photo of the paddock/s might assist in this). Sonia is available on Facebook or by emailing Soniah@utas.edu.au .


Pictured below is Tasmanian rider Noel Lockhart riding Lockleigh Park Silver Comet - second across the line and Best Conditioned at TQ15.

Noel Lockhart