The countdown has started for the 2018 Tom Quilty ride

6th October 2018 - Scottsdale, Tasmania

Aera logo right alignedThe 2018 Tom Quilty Gold Cup will be held in October from a ride base at Santarena Park between the rural town of Scottsdale and holiday seaside town of Bridport.  Tourism is a strong feature in the area so come join us and discover the amazing scenic beauty, colourful history, heritage and pioneering spirit of North-East Tasmania!

Are you still thinking about coming to TQ18 from mainland Australia on the Spirit of Tasmania?

Quite a large number of 'mainlanders' have already made their plans and have booked their tickets.

However, if you have not booked due to problems with dates ex Devonport, the Groups and Special Events staff may be able to assist as there is a possibility that more return space can be made available.

Spirit of Tasmania staff are very keen to help with finding the best crossing dates for all those making the trip down and back for the Quilty. You are asked to contact 'Groups and Special Events' on 1800 635 877 Monday to Friday 9-5pm to discuss your preferred dates (mention Tom Quilty 2018 as the registered Special Event first up).

Good luck - Tasmania looks forward to seeing you all in October!!!

Scottsdale is a great country town in the centre of a beautiful farming district with rich volcanic soils and undulating green landscape. The township has plenty to offer visitors with shopping, banking, dining and a variety of accommodation options available just a few minutes drive from the ride base. Facilities also include two rural produce outlets for horse feed supplies and a veterinary clinic. The wonderful seaside town of Bridport, only 10 minutes north of the ride base, also has plenty of accommodation and shopping facilities.

Mainland competitors travelling on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry will dock at Devonport.  Prior to heading to the Scottsdale ride base; they are invited to have a stopover at Pat and Dicky Lamprey’s property, which is located at Sassafras, 20 minutes from the ferry terminal.  Facilities there are basic but do include a permanent toilet and shower, green pasture and extensive training tracks.  The ride base is 170kms from there via Launceston and on through Lilydale.  The ride base is located at the Santarena Park complex, which gives direct access to the fabulous Quilty tracks.

Please support our sponsors. Without them, there would be no Tom Quilty ride.

Tenterfield Vets
Newmarket Grandwest

The TQ course tracks have been extensively tested in a variety of seasonal conditions.  Being the home to the annual Easter Marathon, as well as the venue for several 100-miler events, Tasmanian riders have praised the tracks on offer and participants can expect a wonderful course with plenty of variety included.  

The committee comprises a team of experienced endurance riders, Quilty organisers and several supportive locals and appreciates the full support being given by the local Dorset Council.  We are already hard at work to ensure that TQ18 is going to be an excellent experience for horse and human attendees.

The Tom Quilty 2018 Committee and Dorset municipality extend a warm invitation to competitors, crews and supporters who will embark on the journey to Scottsdale, and participate in what is sure to be a challenging and exciting event.

Scottsdale - Tasmania - October 6th 2018

Mark it on your calendar - we look forward to making you welcome.